Kotatsu accessories

If you really want to do make your kotatsu a special place for you and your family you might consider adding some extra accessories to it. Here you can find some options that are often used in Japan, that I think might be suitable for you. By adding these accessories you can improve your comfort, the cultural experience and the overall look of your kotatsu. Here I give you some examples of items that might contribute to your authentic Japanese experience:

Reading pillows are great for comfortable lying on your back or stomach under the kotatsu while reading a book or magazine. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on how you look to read!
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Tatami mats in any room make for a truly Japanese experience. These mats give your room a unique smell and makes you feel like you are in an authentic Japanese room.
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Shikibuton are the equivalent of mattresses in Japan. They are usually used to sleep on, but if you want you can use them under your kotatsu to sit on. If you are planning to sleep under a kotatsu I definitely recommend you to get a shikibuton with your kotatsu!
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Zaisu are a kind of floor chairs that are often used in Japan. If you want to sit on the ground but really feel like you want a backrest I recommend you to have a look at the different Zaitsu / floor chairs that are for sale at various places.
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