Reading pillows in combination with Kotatsu

Is reading one of the hobbies you enjoy? You should be as comfortable as possible for you to focus on it. It is, however, an activity that can cause pain on different parts of your body including your back, shoulders or neck. You can prevent yourself from this by incorporating the use of a reading pillow. When it is freezing, you can keep warm as you enjoy your favorite novel by heating your legs under the Kotatsu.

These two elements are a must-have for reading fans. There all kinds of reading pillows that let you rest on the floor mat as you warm your lower body using the Japanese heating table. Some people call them husband pillows due to how soft and comfy they are. You cannot compress reading pillows with your weight like in the case of regular pillows. If you are new to these items, here is more regarding Kotatsu tables and reading pillows.

What is Kotatsu?

This is a traditional Japanese table that comes with a heating element beneath it. Western countries have emulated the use of the Kotatsu table from Japan due to its effectiveness. You can use it for dining, watching TV, warming your feet or even reading a book. The complete set comprises a source of heat, the table, and a futon. As the heating source generates adequate heat to keep you warm, the futon prevents the heat from escaping to prevent you from the cold. In Japan, most homes lack a central heating system, so they use the Kotatsu which acts as a space heater.

How to use reading pillows in combination with Kotatsu

When you are reading an actual book or using a computer or laptop, you need to remain in a relaxed position. Lying on the floor is more comfortable than sitting on a high chair. It allows your body muscles and joints to stretch so that you don't strain your back.

You can use a mat to lie flat on the floor to avoid direct contact with the surface. Place a reading pillow on top of the carpet and let your legs go underneath the table. As Kotatsu keeps you warm, the reading pillow helps you relax in any style you desire.

Reading pillows with a fluffy texture are soothing to your skin. Some of them even have an armrest to give your arms proper support. If you have a problem with your back, you should choose a reading pillow with a high back. Ensure that you maintain a proper lying position as you stretch your legs straight underneath the kotatsu.

You can also increase comfort by getting a pillow that is made from shredded foam. This tends to conform to the contours of your body so that you curb fatigue and remain relaxed while resting on a mat. Some manufacturers also include fiber in reading pillows since the material maintains its original shape over a long period without losing its capabilities of offering lumber and back support.

Apart from cold allergies, some people are allergic to dirt. This can prevent you from sitting on the floor. You can, however, get a reading pillow that has hypoallergenic materials to reduce allergy symptoms so that you read as you get the warmth from the Japanese heating table.

Since a kotatsu table can accommodate you and other family members, you can get a big wedge pillow that you can share with one more person. If it is too cold, and you don't want to leave the Kotatsu table,

a reading pillow that accommodates some items such as a cup holder and pockets to place your phone or tablet can come in handy.

Some even have a neck rest for your neck to remain comfortable as you read for extended periods. They help you maintain a good posture to avoid body aches. Both Kotatsu tables and reading pillows are portable meaning you can use these two items from any room without limitations.

Reading pillow maintenance

The material you choose for your reading pillow should guide you on how to maintain it. Some come with removable covers that make it easy to clean when they get dirty. Change the cover of your reading pillow from time to time since it can easily accumulate dirt when using it on the floor. Do not place a reading pillow very close to the Kotatsu table since the heat can damage the material of your pillow.

If you choose one that contains fiber, do not lie in the same position every time. Remove stains on the pillow by using vinegar solution and a clean towel then air your pillow. If you are looking for a reading pillow to go with your authentic kotatsu table, check out the different types from sites such as Amazon. Choose the right material and consider additional features such as an armrest, neck rest and a cup holder to increase convenience.