Kotatsu futons

The kotatsu futon is one of the three main elements that make up a kotatsu. (The other element are the kotatsu table and the kotatsu heater.) The purpose of the futon is to trap the heat generated by the heater so you can sit under a nice and warm blanket. A traditional Japanese kotatsu futon is pretty heavy and thick, but there are lighter ones available. (Usually these are of a lower quality and cheaper.) Depending on the quality you are looking for you should be able to find a suitable futon online. Always check to make sure your futon matches the size of your kotatsu table, otherwise the futon covers too little or too much of your table surface.

To help you choose from the various futons that you can buy online I made a small overview of the futons that are popular among the readers of this site.

Review 1. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon Set

The EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon set comes with a comforter (kekefuton) and a shikifuton rag. This 2 in one piece is very convenient and affordable. The heating Kotatsu table is not included. The comforter is 200 by 200 cm which is the perfect size for large families. The rug is 190 x 190 cm. The whole set is suitable for a small kotatsu table of rough dimensions 90 cm y 90cm. It goes well with a square-shaped table. The EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon comes in a variety of colored patterns, which gives you many options to choose from. You are not limited to styling your room in a traditional Japanese design.
You do not have to use the set together; you can use the rag in your room without a kotatsu table. The blanket is smooth, soft and fluffy; made of microfiber on the outside. Its inside is made of a light making it light and soft but still warm. The rag is pretty authentic and has a skid bottom. The set is hand wash clean and easy to handle.

What I like
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
  • The bottom of the mat is non skid
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Very affordable
What I do not like
  • Nothing so far
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Kotatsu thick blanket "Yukari review

This blanket is rectangular, with dimensions of 205 by 234 cm and can fit very comfortably on a table as big as 30X 40 inches in size. It comes in two colors; brown and black; both beautiful and stylish. The material on the blanket may be a little course but it acts as water resistant and is very durable. If you spill anything on the kotatsu futon, rest assured that it won’t suck it up and make it a permanent stain. Even with the little course feeling on top, the Kotatsu blanket has a very soft and pleasant feel on the inside. The heating under this kotatsu is perfect for the whole family.
It is made of authenti cotton and lined with pure polyester. The edges of the blanket are a bit thicker than the rest of it, which maintains its shape and gives some weight to the blanket. It also has a stitching pattern at the centre which you can use to line up your kotsasu table and make it look centred. The modern pattern of this blanket allows you to match it with both western and Japanese styles rooms.

What I like
  • It is very thick and liquid resistant
  • It has a soft interior
  • Easy to line with a Kotatsu table
What I do not like
  • Limited patterns and color
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Azumaya Kotatsu Futon Square review

This authentic home and living Japanese futon has the perfect color and design. The Azumaya Kotatsu Futon is Square with dimensions 72x72 inches. It is very popular for a traditional house setting and is made of high quality polyester fibre. The material is pretty thick and will keep you and your family warm during the unbearably cold weather. The blanket does not come with a heating table so you have to buy one separately. The design goes perfectly well with a square table. A rectangular shape of dimensions 75x90 inches is also available for larger family sizes.
The blanket is very heavy which means it will probably last you a long time. The edges and ends around the blanket are made of an additional bright outline which makes it unique and more attractive. The insulation of the blanket is just perfect. The light brown color of this Futon can be incorporated into basic Japanese design or modern western style. The pattern on the blanket makes it unique and stylish. the only way to clean this effectively is through dry cleaning.

What I like
  • It is thick and warm
  • Large in size
  • You can chose between the rectangular and square
What I do not like
  • Hard to maintain
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Nishikawa Reversible Kotatsu Futon review

The Nishikawa Reversible Kotatsu Futon is 2.5kg heavy and its dimensions are 185X185 cm. This perfectly squared Kotsasu futon is made of pure polyester on the batting and the landslide. It has an adaptation size of 70-80 on the width and 75-80 cm depth. One amazing thing about the Nishikawa Reversible Kotats is that you can use it on both sides. One side is a darker shade of brown while the other one is a nude-brown (beige). You can use the colors selectively depending on the design, mood or atmosphere in the room.
It is made of adopted fluffy warm fleece fabric. It is very soft and warm, which makes it the perfect heat insulator. It also has a unique design on the corners; it is shaped like a basic duvet which means you can get it a cover to avoid some damage. The heating table is not included in the sale. The Nishikawa Reversible Kotatsu fits a table of about 75x 75cm. This authentic square delight is perfect for family size and can fit both modern and traditional Japanese design styles. The blanket is simple but very efficient in what it does.

What I like
  • Two colors in one
  • Light and warm
  • Very soft on both sides
What I do not like
  • It’s pricy
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