Kotatsu sofa

Looking for a really comfortable kotatsu setup? Do you like sitting under kotatsu with your family, but hate sitting on the floor without any backrest? Do not worry, what you need is a kotatsu sofa.

Over the years people have come up with many ways to make sitting under the kotatsu even more comfortable. One of this ways is turning your set into a kotatsu sofa. A kotatsu sofa you say? What exactly is that? After reading this blog post you will know all about it!

I assume that by now you know what a normal kotatsu set looks like. (If not I recommend you to read the rest of this site as well.) So you should know that a traditional Japanese kotatsu setup might not be the most comfortable for westerners. We are used to having a backrest, and we are not great at sitting on futons on the floor. A kotatsu sofa can solve all these problems for you. By adding one or more floor level couches or floor level sofas around the kotatsu you can sit comfortably while enjoying the warmth of the kotatsu. Not only is this a very comfortable, the end result can also be very ecstatically pleasing. Have a look at the images below to get an idea of the concept.

Placeholder image
As you can say the floor sofa allows for a comfortable time for both people and pets!
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While most kotatsus have a square table top, there are also designs with a round table top. While this setup looks very nice you should keep in mind that round kotatsu and round floor sofas are harder to come by.

To turn your regular kotatsu into one of these beautiful sets all you have to do is find yourself a suitable floor sofa. As usual you can find these online, for example at Amazon. I personally think the floor couches below are good purchases. I recommend you to check them out and decide for yourself!