Top reasons why you should purchase a Kotatsu!

Let’s be honest. There are very few people who actually NEED a kotatsu. However, for the conscious consumers who need to convince themselves or their family that they actually do need a kotatsu, here is a list of reasons you can use to convince anyone that a kotasu is a good buy!

1. Energy efficiency

Let’s start with what is probably the best argument to convince any consciouc consumer to buy a kotatsu, they are very energy efficient. While the heater in the kotatsu might use quite a lot of electricity, all the warmth that is produced is trapped under the blanket, and therefor maximizes the efficiency. Where a normal heating system heats an entire room, the kotatsu only heats the table and the blankets that you are using. (Japanese houses usually have a less efficient heating system than modern American houses.) Buying a kotatsu might actually make you money in the long run! Just make sure to turn of your central heating when using the kotatsu to decrease your overal energy consumption!

2. Family & social time

An additional reason to turn of central heating when you have a kotatsu is to make for good family time. The winter cold will make everybody come sit around the kotatsu, and this allows for great family time! It is comparable to sitting around a camp fire in the wild, or having Christmas dinner. A kotatsu can make your family come together and experience the cold winter days in a completely different way. Since you are sitting around a low table this also is a great opportunity to spend some family quality time having dinner, playing boardgames or just having a drink.

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An example of a kotatsu setup in Christmas style. A great opportunity to teach about the differences between Japanese and Western culture!

3. Cultural experience

(As you probably already realize I am starting to strech it a little here.) A kotatsu can be a great way to let your children or other family members come in touch with different / The Japanese culture(s). Gather around the kotatsu with some oranges, some sake and a photo album of your time in Japan. Before you realize everybody is enjoying it so much, you will be planning your trip to Japan from the comfort of your heated kotatsu table!

4. It is just very, very, very comfortable!

It is hard to explain just how comfortable a kotatsu actually is to someone who has never experienced one. Especially in winter, when it is freezing outside it is very nice to sit on the warm pillow, under the warm blanket. Whether you are young or old, everybody should have at least tried it once in his or her lifetime!

All these arguments might be enough to convince your partner that buying a kotatsu table is a great way to spend your money. In case these arguments are still not enough you can also take a different approach. Just buy a kotatsu without consulting and have your partner sit under it for a while, and he or she will be convinced within no time! Amazon and other big stores usually offer a return policy where you are allowed to return the product and get your money back within a couple of days if not satisfied. (Please make sure to actually check the specific conditions before purchasing a product!)