Zaisu in combination with Kotatsu

The diversity in cultures is what makes countries unique. Unlike in western countries where people fill their rooms with all kinds of furniture, the Japanese like maximizing space. They believe that space leaves room for creativity. That is why they include a few items in their homes. According to their traditions, Japanese like sitting and sleeping on the floor instead of relying on beds.

Zaisu is a common type of chair which hails from Japan. It is different in that it allows you to sit directly on the floor since it does not have any legs. If you want to enjoy a comfortable sitting position as you relax warming your legs underneath the Kotatsu table, you should get this floor chair known as Zaisu. Kotatsu is a low-level table that has a heating appliance underneath.

Where did this sitting style come from?

The chair was initially used in traditional rooms called washitsu by the Japanese. It was a special room meant for guests on special occasions. These rooms were also equipped with tatami mats and the Japanese heating table to keep guests warm and cozy. They also use other traditional pieces such as the Shoji panels.

Apart from heating, Kotatsu tables were used as dining tables for Japanese meals. According to their culture, the right sitting position is called seiza. It involves folding the legs beneath the body. This is however uncomfortable when sitting for an extended period. Zaisu chairs were invented so that people can continue enjoying sitting on the floor without having to fold their legs in the seiza position.

How to use zaisu in combination with Kotatsu

Sitting next to the floor is more comfortable than sitting on a legged chair. Zaisu gives you the opportunity to place your legs under the Kotatsu table for you to take advantage of the heating element beneath it.

Since Zaisu chairs come in different types, you should get one that increases your comfort level as you eat or watch a movie from this low-level table. Look for one that has some padding on its seat to help you relax for long before retiring to bed.

Some of the floor chairs allow you to tilt them slightly for you to take a nap as you enjoy the warmth beneath an authentic kotatsu table. The chair has an angled part which lets your back rest in a proper sitting position to prevent you from backaches. It also supports your overall weight and gives you back support without the risk of tilting over.

Some of them contain metal elements while others are made from wood. Western manufacturers include pillow-like materials or soft foam in these chairs making them feel like regular sofas. If you have a kotatsu table, it is advisable that you choose a wooden zaisu due to safety concerns.

If you have a small apartment, you should buy a few foldable zaisu chairs and a kotatsu since they can help you save on space. Both of them are smaller compared to standard couches and tables making it easy for you to get additional space in your apartment and use it for other purposes.

When it is cold, you can never go wrong with a Kotatsu table and a zaisu. Some online stores sell adjustable zaisu chairs which give you the option of changing the backrest to different positions so that you remain comfortable for long without straining your back. Feel free to include a blanket on your set to make it complete and increase warmth when the weather is not conducive. The blanket traps the heat that is generated by the Japanese heating table to prevent it from escaping and keep you cozy.

Purchasing a zaisu

When you go out to buy zaisu, you should choose one that has a design that complements your Kotatsu table so that your living room can look classy. You should also pick floor chairs that are easy to move around so that you can set them near the heating table for your guests without straining to move them.

Get a floor mat before placing a zaisu on the bare floor to avoid scratching the floor. Think about the usage to determine the most important features. For instance, if you want a floor chair to sit as you dine on your Kotatsu table, you may need features such as an armrest to increase comfort.

Consider the dimensions of the chair against those of your heating table so that you can choose zaisu that gives you enough space for your lower body to remain under the Kotatsu comfortably. It should also increase flexibility since you are sitting on the floor and not on a high level. You should also think about positioning as you purchase a zaisu. When you combine these two pieces of furniture, space will no longer be an issue.