Kotatsu heaters

We all look for a coping mechanism to deal with the harsh weather during winter. For a long time now, the Japanese have been using a traditional table known as the Kotatsu. The table comes with some heating element that keeps them warm and comfortable next to the ground. The cozy table lets you sit for hours without freezing.

With this heater underneath your kotatsu, you can hold family meetings or study comfortably despite the harsh climatic conditions. The table is specifically designed to keep you warm during the day or at night. It works just like a space heater but with enhanced safety. Markets in Japan offer different types of electrical heaters for Kotatsu tables.

If you would like to incorporate this system in your home but don't know where to begin, this review is for you. We will focus on different Kotatsu heaters out there and talk about each one of them individually. We aim at helping you compare their features, merits, and demerits for you to choose an ideal heater for your Kotatsu. Learn more from the reviews below.

Tips for using an electric heater and why you need one

When the temperature is low, a good electric heater can keep you cozy. It is an investment that you should make since they come with a lot of advantages. Most of them have safety features that prevent them from overheating, and they reduce the risks of accidents. Beware that electric heaters produce dry air which makes your feet lose moisture. Try to get a good moisturizer for your skin and apply it regularly to keep your feet looking healthy.

They are also portable devices since most of them are light-weight. You can easily transport your kotatsu together with the unit to a different destination. Do not underestimate these electric heaters based on their sizes. You can get one that is small but produces a lot of heat. They also come in stylish designs to complement your Kotatsu table.

You can also regulate the temperature of these devices to avoid getting too warm within a short period. They contain settings that make it easy to select the right temperature level. Let the atmospheric conditions guide you on the right setting to use. Even in low-level settings, some of them still generate enough heat to warm your entire family. By switching it off, you also reduce safety risks and prevent your skin from getting excessively dry.

No matter how cozy you get, you should remember to switch them off before sleeping. This will help you reduce the energy costs also increase your comfort level during sleep. Excess heat can prevent you from getting good quality sleep. It is advisable to use this type of heaters after bathing to prevent your feet from feeling sticky.

Once you get your device, ensure that it comes with accessories such as a power cord for secure connection. There are some that require additional equipment due to voltage compatibility issues. If you are not ready to incur extra charges, ensure you get a Kotatsu heater that can work without the need of a converter. Though your children can also benefit from these heaters, you should pay close attention to them. Go through the safety precautions carefully before allowing your pet near a kotatsu heater.

Metro 600E (K) replacement heater

People no longer rely on burnt coal to keep their rooms warm. Everybody today uses an electric heater which is both efficient and clean. You, however, have to choose a good quality electric heater for your Kotatsu table. Metro replacement heater distributes heat equally in a confined space.

Feel free to mount the electric heater underneath your Kotatsu table then place a blanket on top of it. You can watch your favorite movie as you enjoy the warmth from the heater the whole night. The shape, weight, and dimensions make it suitable for different Kotatsu tables.

According to the manufacturer, Metro U-shaped heater does not cause frustration when you are trying to warm your feet under cold conditions. The installation process is also easy when you are mounting it beneath a customized kotatsu. Don't let the instructions in Japanese confuse you during installation since it only needs a few steps to get it done. The predrilled holes guide you on the installation process. You can easily convert this device into an automatic heating system. Try to maintain it at low settings since the heating element gives you enough heat. The metal keeps you safe from burning your feet or developing a scar. If you love peace warming your feet without raising unnecessary attention, choose this Japanese heater for your Kotatsu table. It hums silently so that you can focus on other things as you get cozy. There is a light indicator that tells you when the heater is on and off.

What I like
  • It is deodorized
  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Easy set-up
What I do not like
  • The manufacturer gives little details about it since it is still a new product

Heater fan unit foot warmer

If you prefer building your own kotatsu table, install this electric heater underneath it. It is an impressive foot warmer that has a power capacity of 500 W. The quart tube heater allows you to regulate its temperature to avoid exposing your feet to extreme heat. Make use of the temperature control knob to increase or lower the heat according to the surrounding. You should maintain a low-level setting since it produces adequate heat enough to warm more than a single person.

The manufacturer also includes some safety devices such as current fuse and a thermal fuse to prevent the heater from causing burns. Even if you forget to switch it off the entire night, it cannot create a fire outbreak. This is however not recommended. The producers also include accessories such as a 3m power cord in your package. Since it heats up quickly, you don't have to rely on socks to keep you warm as you wait for the device to start heating up.

Though the manufacturer claims that it comes in a universal size, most users report that this heater is suitable for small kotatsu tables. You may need to get extended screws to hold it in a secure position if you are struggling with the fitting during installation. Unlike other types, this has instructions in both English and Japanese. You, therefore, get good guidelines to help you install it correctly. In other cases, you may require a step-down converter for the heater top work effectively.

What I like
  • It heats up very fast
  • Comes with safety features
  • Works well even in low settings
What I do not like
  • It lacks a fan
  • Not suitable for big kotatsu tables

Metro Replacement heater 600 W

Replace an old heater with this electric heater for your table. It allows you to regulate the temperature according to your preference. You can either raise or lower the heat produced by the heater. It comes with an automatic and manual control system which increases convenience. Try to maintain the temperature settings between 1 and 2 to prevent it from getting extremely hot.

The manufacturers produce this heater with your safety in mind. They, therefore, include current and thermal fuses to prevent the Kotatsu heater from overheating. Its power cord is long enough making it convenient to plug in from any power outlet. The compact size makes it ideal for standard Kotatsu tables.

You may incur extra electricity costs since this heater has a power consumption of 600 W. This can be a downside for most people. Since the heater was originally designed for Kotatsu tables in Japan, they still deliver the instructions in limited languages excluding English. Most users, however, report that the process of installation is easy. People like it since it works as it is advertised and can keep your feet warm for hours.

What I like
  • It comes in a standard size for enhanced heating
  • Has a long power cord
  • It is of high quality and safe electric heater
What I do not like
  • Comes at a high price
  • You may need a down stepper to improve its safety

Metro Quartz Tube switch hot air

Get cozy by installing this electric heater under your low-level table. This heater utilizes infrared waves to heat different objects or surfaces. It can generate enough heat for you to remain warm when you are both indoors or outdoors. You can use install this heater under a kotatsu table in your balcony and use it to relax and keep warm as you enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

It is slightly heavier than other models and bigger when it comes to its dimensions. This indicates that the heater is suitable for big kotatsu tables. The quartz heating system of this device allows it to generate enough heat for you to keep warm for hours.

Metro quartz tube heater ensures that your legs remain warm and comfortable without the risk of burning your skin. Though it heats up within no time, it does not overheat thus reducing the risk of a fire outbreak. The thermal and current fuses also increase the safety of this device.

The problem with this heater is that it consumes a lot of power meaning you will pay more costs on electricity. It, however, gives you value for your money since it prevents you from the cold weather which exposes you to diseases. Make sure you use the dial to regulate the temperature as you warm your feet. Most people like the easy installation process of this heater since you don't need special skills to operate it.

What I like
  • It comes with a fan that facilitates the circulation of warm air
  • You can use it any standard Kotatsu table
What I do not like
  • It is not energy efficient

My final thoughts....

A kotatsu table can never feel complete without the incorporation of a good electric heater during winter. Though a thermostat helps in heating a room, your feet may still feel cold. You, therefore, need a device that adds additional warmth to your legs directly. Kotatsu heaters do the trick since they keep your feet comfortable when you cover your kotatsu table with a blanket.

Since there are different models out there, we have reviewed some of the popular types to help you understand their differences. Though most of them may not be cheap, they can save you from incurring hospital expenses in the long run during the cold weather conditions. Go through the specifications of each type to help you choose an ideal heater for your Kotatsu. Remember to consider the sizes and check for compatibility issues to avoid frustrations. From the products, we recommend that you choose Metro replacement heater 600W since it is reliable, convenient, safe and easy to install.